GM Apelion: The 1st NFT Project Targeting to Connect All People in Web3, Creators, and Investors to Build Up the Ultimate Community of Communities!

July 21, 2023 . 15 min read

Last Updated: July 21, 2023

The Story: A Great Idea and a Million-Dollar Solution

Imagine a future community that lives on Apelion Planet, with over 1,000,000 active members of Web3 and hundreds of creators. This community will be built up by connecting multiple communities and creators (community leaders) together. The question is, what level of achievement can this community reach?

How many events will be registered in a long queue, and how many will be executed by the board of leaders every week to first entertain their own small communities, and then offer the remaining tickets to the larger Apelion community?

So, it's a great idea, right? However, it may not be entirely new, and many have contemplated it, yet no one has provided the complete 1 million dollar solution just yet.

To explain how we plan to build this community, let's start by initializing some variables in this comprehensive solution program:

Leader = Creator, Builder, Service Provider, Marketplace, ..., Community Owner;

Member = Owner, Holder, Investor, ..., Community Member;

Apelion Leaders = Community X Leader + Community Y Leader, ...;

Apelion Members = All Community X Members + All Community Y Members, ...;

Apelion Community = Apelion Leaders + Apelion Members;

Our goal is to create the healthiest community where Apelion Leader X will have enough time to plan and organize events for Community X and the Apelion Community as a whole, while Apelion Leader Y takes care of the entire Apelion Community (X, Y, ...).

The more leaders we have, the more time some leaders will have to build and create events to energize the entire Apelion Community, while others manage the community's operations.

The Goals

The Apelion Utilities: Empowering Ape Holders

As mentioned in the Story and Goals sections, the Apelion community will consist of two main groups: Apelion Leaders and Apelion Members. Here's how we plan to structure the community:

With this setup, we offer two distinct sets of utilities:

How to Join Apelion Community

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, follow these instructions to claim your Apelion Ticket, which will enable you to obtain an Apelion Bro:

Step 1: Claim your Apelion Ticket from Galxe.

Step 2: Then, proceed to claim your Apelion Bro here:

WARNING: Please note that you can only claim Apelion Ticket and Apelion Bro from the provided links above. You will only be asked to pay the gas fee. If you encounter any requests for a mint fee, be cautious as you might be on a scam platform unrelated to us.

WARNING: When claiming your Apelion Bro, make sure to connect only the wallet that contains the unclaimed Apelion Tickets. Ensure that none of the tickets are already claimed; otherwise, your transaction will fail. If you have any claimed tickets, please transfer them out of your wallet before proceeding to claim your Apelion Bro.

Note: When claiming your Apelion Bro, your wallet will be scanned for Apelion Tickets first, and this process may take up to 1 hour before MetaMask displays the transaction. After paying the gas fee, you will be able to claim Apelion Bros with the same IDs as your Apelion Tickets.

If you are purchasing Apelion Bros, make sure you buy them from this contract address: 0x55E1C7733Aeb44dAC3BC1F97f1E59cc340B38bdc. For a marketplace we recommend, please visit:

If you are buying an Apelion Ticket to claim an Apelion Bro, verify that it has not already been claimed. To do this, check for the existence of Apelion Bro YY/1 if you want to buy Apelion Ticket XX/1. If Apelion Bro YY/1 already exists, it means it has been claimed, which holds true for this example. For a recommended marketplace, please visit:

Joining the Apelion Community: Membership Costs

The Art Explained: Where in the world is Apelion Bro?

When we embarked on our journey to create the #1 ranked project in terms of volume, floor, and liquidity on the Polygon Blockchain, we knew we needed an art that would captivate everyone's heart. After careful consideration, we brought together the two most appealing ingredients - the Ape and the Alien - into one incredible piece of art. Though we haven't yet achieved the top spot on Polygon, the art itself has won the admiration of all. Many would have loved to own it if it weren't for its current expensive floor price.

Now, as we set a new goal to embrace and include everyone in web3, we want to reward them with the best art as an Apelion Bro. We've decided to offer art that resonates with what they love, coupled with an extra utility to serve dual purposes:

In the Apelion Community, we celebrate uniqueness while working together towards a common goal - to be at the forefront of web3 and leave a lasting impression. Join us as an Apelion Bro and experience the joy of sharing, camaraderie, and a vibrant journey into the future of blockchain art.

Apelion Citizen

Apelion Bro

Why Choose Us?

At Originative, we offer more than just eye-catching art. While the idea behind our solution might not be entirely new, there are compelling reasons why you should choose us:

With Originative, you become a part of a community that upholds ethical principles, embraces fearless innovation, and actively shapes the future of web3. Join us now and embark on a transformative journey that paves the way for a new era in blockchain and digital art.

The Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQs section of our website, which is regularly updated.

The Official Links

Please utilize only the following official channels, and exercise caution regarding scams:

GM Apelion:

Alien Ape Invasion Club: