Alien Ape Invasion Club: The 1st NFT Project Leveraging Marketing as a Utility

May 19, 2022 . 12 min read

Last Updated: September 20, 2022

The Story

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The Goals

Why Apes?

Before the Bored Ape Yacht Club, there was a collection called CryptoPunks which held the title of the most expensive NFT in the field. This was mainly due to it being considered the first NFT collection released in 2017. Therefore, people understood why it commanded such a high price and where its value originated. However, what Bored Apes accomplished was truly remarkable! Bored Apes not only captivated people's hearts as a collection, but they also soared to the top, surpassing all other collections. When we first started out together a year ago, we could have viewed Bored Apes as competitors. Yet, in reality, Bored Apes and Yuga Labs were our pioneers who propelled the industry forward, paving the way for subsequent collections to achieve great success and inspiring many to join the NFT space. We firmly believe that without Bored Apes, many NFT companies would not exist today!

That's precisely why we are paying tribute to Bored Apes and Yuga Labs with this collection. Although we are not affiliated with Yuga Labs, we would certainly love to be! If Yuga Labs had shown interest in Polygon, it could have greatly boosted the blockchain. However, since Yuga Labs has not displayed any inclination towards Polygon, we are stepping up to the forefront. We believe that if there's a project that can replicate the impact Bored Apes had on Ethereum, it must inherit the essence of Bored Apes. And that's why we present Apelion Apes!

The Project Utilities: Empowering Apes Holders

All utilities are operated through Discord, and all announcements are published via Twitter. Before you delve into the details, make sure to join our Discord community and follow the Twitter accounts of Originative, AAIC, and don't forget to enable notifications by clicking 🔔 the bell icon. 

To align with our stated objectives, this project offers a range of utilities:

The Roadmap

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The Key Features

The Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQs section of our website, which is regularly updated.

The Official Links

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