Originative™ is a software and art brand that focuses on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies. Originative, Inc was founded in March 2021. We are well-known for being the first to introduce NFT Crypto Currency, the first NFT Collections Library, the first PFP project on the Polygon Blockchain, and the first NFT project to utilize marketing as a utility.

Our team, which has a deep appreciation for Baroque and classical music, creates NFT designs and develops software while listening to iconic compositions such as Vivaldi's Four Seasons and Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

Our core message is that "Honesty is the most important value for the Originative community. Over the past two years, we have built a strong and trustworthy community. Despite having over 5,000 owners of our collections, our organic community on Discord and Twitter consists of around 3,000 members. While it's easy to acquire tens of thousands of followers in a short span of time through deceptive means, we have chosen not to engage in such practices. If you support honesty, you're in the right place. Please show your support and follow us on all our channels below."

Our mission is to "Maintain our reputation as the most honest NFTs and crypto creators in an industry plagued by scammers. We strive to create high-value products that generate substantial profits for all our investors and holders."

Our team describes themselves as "A group of designers who not only possess the ability to create innovative designs but also originate new ideas! We are pioneers in the NFT market, capable of crafting visually stunning designs that hold multiple layers of value. We foster a sense of trust among our investors, assuring them that their investments with us today will yield double the profits in the near future, whether they choose to resell our art or hold onto it and enjoy its appreciation in value!"