CryptoSharks: The 1st PFP Project on the Polygon Blockchain

July 1, 2021 . 4 min read

Last Updated: September 20, 2022

The Story

It's summer, and the CryptoSharks have spread out in the OpenSea. Hunt 'em all and be a part of the 1st PFP project on Polygon!

CryptoSharks is a collection of unique sharks residing on the Polygon Blockchain. Launched in July 2021, this project is divided into two parts. The first part showcases various characters and professions like Sinbad, Doctor, Teacher, Engineer, and more. The second part represents visitors and citizens from different countries, including the USA, Japan, France, and more.

The Goal

This project aims to incentivize newcomers to enter the NFT space by providing high-quality NFTs at an incredibly affordable price of 0.005 ETH for minting. As the first profile picture (PFP) project on the Polygon blockchain, it serves as a gateway to joining the Originative community on Discord. Members gain access to an exclusive channel reserved for Baby Sharks, Top Sharks, and Big Sharks, which will offer utility and benefits to CryptoSharks holders.

The Project Utility: Empowering Sharks Holders

CryptoSharks offer a lifetime discount on all our upcoming collections, categorized based on the type of holders:


You know, I've traveled the world, seen things no other man has seen.

but nothing...

nothing compares to the OpenSea.

Quoted from "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)"

Sinbad was created as a tribute to the renowned platform OpenSea, where our NFT journey began and where we had the pleasure of connecting with all you fantastic individuals. The artwork features a ship background inspired by OpenSea's logo and incorporates a quote from the movie "Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)" that references OpenSea.

Please note that only a single NFT is accessible for this character, which contributes to its higher price point.

The Key Features

Your NFT metadata is stored on the IPFS, a distributed web, with a unique CID (Content Identifier) that can be found at the beginning of each NFT's description. We collaborate with Pinata as a pinning tool to ensure that your NFT metadata remains securely stored on the IPFS indefinitely, eliminating the risk of losing it. To learn more about the benefits of having your NFT metadata on IPFS with Pinata, refer to this article on Medium.

The Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently asked questions are answered in the FAQs section of our website, which is regularly updated.

The Official Links

Please utilize only the following official channels, and exercise caution regarding scams: